MUA..Manipulation Under Anesthesia Testimonials

  • “I had lower back surgery in Feb. of 2007 and had trouble standing, burning and numbness in my legs. Pain medicines did not work anymore. I had results after my 1st MUA was done. By the 3rd adjustment I was dancing.
  • “I was in a wreck and had constant pain in my neck and lower back. I didn’t want to have surgery so I tried the MUA. After having the procedure done I feel great.”
  • I have a job that requires me to stand a lot. Over the years my back has progressively gotton worse.  The MUA has helped me a lot.”
  • I felt so good after my treatment, I asked if I could have it done every month. I was told I wouldn’t need it.”
  • ” I have had lower back, upper back, and neck trouble for years. I was asked to try the MUA, after doing so..I feel better than ever. I’m glad I did it and so will you.”

Total Spine and Rehab Testimonials

Personal Testimony

       This is a letter of testimony concerning the benefits of adding Chiropractic to your life. I was suffering from back pain, knee and joint pain, and foot pain. It was suggested that I come to Dr. Brian Graham for Chiropractic treatment. Let me say that I could not have followed a better suggestion. Since coming to Dr. Graham, I feel 100 percent better. I am able to perfrom my everyday duties without pain and discomfort. I even wear high heeled shoes again. The pain and swelling that was occurring in my knees is no longer there.

     The treatments that Dr. Brian uses are non invasive and yield great results. I highly recommend to anyone that is suffering with any type of back pain to visit the TOTAL SPINE AND REHAB CENTER with Dr. Brian Graham, and his very friendly and professional staff. Appointments can be scheduled to your convenience. So don’t settle for living in pain with limited mobility, give Dr. Brian a call and you will feel a world of difference.

Sincerely, Mrs. Doreen Dread


  •  It was a pleasureable experience with my treatment and I felt as if I was part of the family. I ended up having my seventh back surgery due to a nerve that was compressed for a long time. Next time I feel my pain oncoming I will return to Total Spine and Rehab in a more timely manner.
  • We were very pleased with our son’s visits. Your staff was so helpful in working arouond his school time (test, football etc…) He received excellent care from the staff and Dr. Graham.
  • I would definitely recommend Total Spine and Rehab to others because I have been thoroughly impressed!  Everyone is very friendly and helpful. It would be to anyones advantage to become a patient at Total Spine and Rehab.